Roots & Sync - Pitch for music supervisor

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  • Brief 1 Connie Farr:

    We are currently working on a trailer for an upcoming period drama and we’re after a few tracks and would love to hear your suggestions. We’re looking for emotive, dark songs with a percussive element that will allow for movement and story-telling in the trailer. We’re after something with an overall Nordic feel to it, with either wordless vocals or vocals in a foreign language to really set the scene within the edit. Something suspenseful with a build toward the back end would be great. A really great sonic reference for the sort of tone and feeling we’re after is Skald ‘O Valhalla’ Thank you.
  • Brief 2 Nis Bøgvad:

    We want to make this campaign an evocative and visually stunning tapestry of our modern Scandinavian lives. The mood of the film 30 sec film will radiate contemporary, Nordic living and it will look striking and attention grabbing in this fast-paced edit. Moods: Nordic Landscapes, outdoor living, bonfires, lakes and mountains meets modern architecture, interior, clothing. The beat is comfortable to walk to, kind of upper mid tempo beat. No need for a built up.No vocals required (could be an instrumental theme) but we are open for suggestions. Could be Nordic or English language. Choir preferred.Music production should have a reconcilable and strong identity and combine traditionally folk music and modern sounding music. Past and future brought together.
    Film scenes:
    #1 It’s autumn. Birch tree leaves are gently drifting and sparks from a bonfire are popping around the product. #2 In front of a black-painted wooden house with white window frames, an unclean glass is standing next to an open newspaper on a patio table. A wind blows and the newspaper rattles. #3 A chef is taking a breather in a narrow backyard with crooked, old, classic red, green and yellow houses. He's sitting on the stony kitchen stairs in his stained, white clothes. #4 Close-up of a blonde woman in a light cashmere sweater. She is toying with the top of the product with her fingers. #5 The sun is warming. The product is stuck into the beach sand, close to a smaller pile of typical Scandinavian seaweed. A windshield next to it is fluttering softly as a breeze stirs the air and a piece of seaweed moves. #6 Clad in a dirty, muddy, full mountain bike outfit, a man is holding the product to his chest as his warm body steams from the exercise in the cold weather. It's a pine forest with moss covering the base of it. #7 The product is placed on a bench overlooking a tempting, alluring forest lake. The water sparkles in the background